Haiku Horizons: Monkey


In honour of the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Monkey I thought I’d join in Haiku Horizon’s prompt which happens to be Monkey.


I watched a very interesting TV programme last night, Chinese New Year The Biggest Celebration on Earth. I hope to complete a children’s book about Chinese New Year so I was drawn to watching this.  It featured the Snub Nosed Monkey, such a charming fellow. These monkeys are an endangered species. They have been hunted to near extinction. That is beyond horrible…….  but the good news is there is a rescue operation in hand. A dedicated man  looks after these charming fellows and collects their nuggets of poo so it can be analysed to check their health. That must be quite a job, plastic gloves are a prerequisite, but he takes it very seriously. In fact he is so skilled that he can glance at each sample of poo and tell exactly which monkey produced it! Quite an unusual skill.. He must love those monkeys..

Do find out more about the snub-nosed monkey, he seems to be a delightful monkey full of character:


More than one billion people travel from the cities to the countryside at Chinese New Year to be reunited with their families at this all important time. Can you imagine? That is a huge migration of folk, involving all manner of transport: plane, car, motorbike, and police car….  The Hairy Bikers couldn’t rev up in their usual style in China without the necessary documentation so they ended up travelling in the back of a police car!  These Hairy fellows learnt how to make Congee, a warming porridge made of pork, rice, and spring onions, served at the roadside to travellers returning to see their families at Chinese New Year.

This programme continued to fascinate me with its commentary on the Ice City, a massive winter wonderland carved out of massive slabs of ice in Harbin, the largest city of Heilongjiang province, in China.  It is so cold in this province of China that the elderly locals are acclimitised to the extreme cold. These hardy pensioners dive into a swimming pool to engage in a spot of …… ice swimming! The thought just sends me into an extreme shiver ……


My haiku:

The snub nosed monkey,

Forest high flier, cool dude.

Keep him protected.


Hope all you Monkeys out there are having a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I’m a rabbit in the Chinese zodiac…. I like to hop about and put my feet up with a good book. What about you?



Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx




About Marje @ Kyrosmagica

Hi. Welcome to my blog, Kyrosmagica. A blog about magic, books, writing, laughter, and much more! I'm a debut writer in the process of finishing my first YA fantasy novel, set in Cambridge. I write book reviews on Net Galley and Goodreads. I have a penchant for travel and have relatives in far flung places, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore, (my birthplace.) I grew up in in Bonnie Scotland, in Edinburgh, and now live in Cambridge. I love sunny, hot places, particularly Rome, Venice, Portugal, Barcelona, and I forgot to mention the sun drenched beaches of the Caribbean, how could I? I am lucky to have been blessed with two lovely daughters and a husband who I fondly refer to in this blog as my black sheep. Family joke! With my passion for travel, culture, beautiful beaches, good food, books, theatre, writing, and humour, I hope to keep you entertained. I'm loving every minute of this creative journey, please join me.
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30 Responses to Haiku Horizons: Monkey

  1. Judy Martin says:

    That’s a great haiku, Marje. 🙂

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  2. Archie says:

    sweet 🙂

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  3. Annika Perry says:

    Interesting post, Marje. So you are working on a children’s book! How exciting! Do tell more. You seem to have gathered lots of information for your new book. I just checked and found I’m born in the year of th Monkey!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m a rabbit too. As I recall, rabbits and monkeys are a good love match.


  5. Great post, and haiku, Marje! 🙂

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  6. Lori Carlson says:

    Wonderful post, Marje… I love all things about the Orient and enjoyed this history lesson, both on the snub-nose monkeys and Harbin.. love your Haiku.. indeed, please keep these monkeys safe 🙂

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  7. inesephoto says:

    That’s a haiku with a great insight, Marje.
    Only hard work for me this year… I am a rooster…

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  8. very informative ! And the haiku is beautiful !

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  9. SueM says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your haiku and informative post, Marje. 🙂

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  10. I like your haiku and all of the info!

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  11. I loved the haiku. I’m all about protecting animals. Anything you can do to create awareness is very cool in my book. 😉

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  12. I’m a dragon. Hopefully, my ego isn’t too big 🙂

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  13. vivalaViv says:

    Happy Year of the Monkey Marje! Wish you a year full of creativities; joy and laughter!!

    Vivienne X

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