Perfect Breakfast Smoothie | Fitspirational Friday

My daughter loves smoothies and this recipe from Hannah Jayne sounds wonderful so thought I better reblog it quick..


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Hi. Welcome to my blog, Kyrosmagica. A blog about magic, books, writing, laughter, and much more! I'm a debut writer in the process of finishing my first YA fantasy novel, set in Cambridge. I write book reviews on Net Galley and Goodreads. I have a penchant for travel and have relatives in far flung places, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore, (my birthplace.) I grew up in in Bonnie Scotland, in Edinburgh, and now live in Cambridge. I love sunny, hot places, particularly Rome, Venice, Portugal, Barcelona, and I forgot to mention the sun drenched beaches of the Caribbean, how could I? I am lucky to have been blessed with two lovely daughters and a husband who I fondly refer to in this blog as my black sheep. Family joke! With my passion for travel, culture, beautiful beaches, good food, books, theatre, writing, and humour, I hope to keep you entertained. I'm loving every minute of this creative journey, please join me.
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17 Responses to Perfect Breakfast Smoothie | Fitspirational Friday

  1. I also drink smoothies often but usually for dinner. I always throw in some small bananas, berries and kiwis 🙂

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  2. Looks really good. Thanx for the share x

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  3. ramonawray says:

    Haha, that is so funny about the spinach! I had no idea that you can just add as much as you like and not taste it – it sounds awesome. I’ll try it out for sure, thank you, Marje ❤ And thanks for your nice thoughts and good wishes, they really mean a lot to me 🙂

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  4. Hannah Jayne says:

    Thank you so much for the re blog, it’s good to know people find my blogs useful! Finally had some time to check out your blog and I really like it! Good job!! xxxx

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