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Poets For Peace: Promise People Peace

This is my submission for #PoetsForPeace. To join in please refer to this post by Neha: Forgotten Meadows: Poets For Peace Submission Details for Praxis Magazine Promise People Peace I long for it to return, The word I can no longer say, … Continue reading

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Writespiration #94: Condense Your Novel Into 3 Sentences

Writespiration: Condense Your Novel into Three Sentences In Sacha’s words: So, your challenge this week is to boil your plot down to its simplest form. This isn’t marketing 101, don’t try an sell me your book like a pitch sentence. This is purely about plot. Tell me … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors : Edinburgh Queen’s Gallery

  For this week’s Thursday doors I’m focusing on my recent day trip to Edinburgh. I’ve been in Glasgow for a few days with my hubby and some friends so I popped over to Edinburgh to see my mum and … Continue reading

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Attention #PoetsForPeace Contributors: We are getting published & will need your help!

Originally posted on forgottenmeadows:
Hello Everyone, This is for all present and future contributors for our collaboration #PoetsForPeace. Michael and I  are so excited to let you know that our friend and fellow blogger Laura M. Kaminski has graciously offered to help…

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My Kyrosmagica Review of The Eternals by Richard M. Ankers

Goodreads Synopsis: For Jean, eternity should have meant forever. The Eternals, they are a breed apart. Born to immortality, neither human nor vampire, a dying sun is to end their race where no other could. It is to this ultimatum … Continue reading

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New book release

Originally posted on Jane Dougherty Writes:
Today is release day for Devastation, second volume of The Pathfinders series ? If you have already read Abomination, you can buy Devastation here: Amazon. UK If you haven’t read Abomination yet, you…

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Blog Pitch Party 3: The Blog Awakens

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:
I realized this morning, Modern Philosophers, that I’m on vacation, need a distraction, and have The House on the Hill all to myself. Let’s have a party! It’s been almost a…

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Thursday Doors and Emotography Showcase: Glasgow University

Here’s the info on Thursday Doors via Norm: Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by … Continue reading

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Sayonara Hitori by Taemin

Guest Post written  by Natasha Mallon   Lee Taemin is a Korean idol from one of KPOP’s biggest groups SHINee which debuted in 2008 with ‘Replay’. They have gone from cute-pop bops to synthesizer melodies which have dabbled in house/techno. Currently, … Continue reading

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Markets For Writers

This week’s market has an excellent prompt; as soon as I saw it, all sorts of ideas came bursting into my mind. Brilliant Flash Fiction’s prompt is ‘It came in the mail’. He… Source: Markets For Writers

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