39 Weeks: 39 Blogs Everyone Should Follow In 2017 – Week 1: Chris, The Story Reading Ape’s Blog @Storyreadingape

Hugh from Hugh’s Views and News is doing a spotlight on 39 blogs everyone should follow in 2017. It begins with our very own cuddly ape, Chris at the story reading ape blog… Definitely worth a reblog check it out.. 🙂

Hugh's Views & News

Welcome to the second new feature, for 2017, on Hugh’s Views And News. You can check out my first new feature by clicking here.

During the next 39 weeks, I’ll be showcasing and recommending blogs everyone should follow.

39 Weeks: 39 Blogs Everyone Should Follow In 2017

To get us started, I’d like to introduce Chris, The Story Reading Ape’s Blog.

Many of you may already know and follow Chris’s blog, but for those that don’t already do so, Chris promotes authors and their books as well as offering a platform on his blog for authors and writers to promote themselves by writing guest posts. Check out Chris’s ‘about me’ page by clicking here.

Chris also offers authors his book cover and book promo trailer design services, 3D book promo display options, as well as other promo designs and graphics services. Check out the full details by clicking here. He also offers a selection of free editing…

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About Marje @ Kyrosmagica

Hi. Welcome to my blog, Kyrosmagica. A blog about magic, books, writing, laughter, and much more! I'm a debut writer in the process of finishing my first YA fantasy novel, set in Cambridge. I write book reviews on Net Galley and Goodreads. I have a penchant for travel and have relatives in far flung places, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore, (my birthplace.) I grew up in in Bonnie Scotland, in Edinburgh, and now live in Cambridge. I love sunny, hot places, particularly Rome, Venice, Portugal, Barcelona, and I forgot to mention the sun drenched beaches of the Caribbean, how could I? I am lucky to have been blessed with two lovely daughters and a husband who I fondly refer to in this blog as my black sheep. Family joke! With my passion for travel, culture, beautiful beaches, good food, books, theatre, writing, and humour, I hope to keep you entertained. I'm loving every minute of this creative journey, please join me.
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13 Responses to 39 Weeks: 39 Blogs Everyone Should Follow In 2017 – Week 1: Chris, The Story Reading Ape’s Blog @Storyreadingape

  1. Great idea, and great choice for the first one!

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  2. Many thanks for sharing Marje ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks so much for reblogging, Marje.
    Have a great weekend.

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  4. sepultura13 says:

    It’s nice for people to do this – but, it’s a shame that many decent blogs are also overlooked because of some popularity contest. It is what it is, though…anything to do with people is soured by that eventuality.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think the idea behind it is to bring to the attention blogs who try to help and support other bloggers – such as Chris at the Story Reading blog. Yes he is popular but it isn’t all about that. I do get your point though. Perhaps someome should do a similiar post featuring new, up and coming blogs, or decent blogs that need to be discovered. That would be a great idea too.

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      • sepultura13 says:

        I’ve been looking for advice on how to get my autobiography published for the past two years…so I can’t say that I’ve gotten any help or support.
        Help and support is limited and selective, from what I see.


      • I’m sorry that has been your experience, I can’t say the same. I’ve found considerable help and support via blogging.

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      • sepultura13 says:

        That’s what I’ve been saying. Help is limited and selectively provided.


      • sepultura13 says:

        My point is, most bloggers are only willing to help those who don’t really need help! If people already have one or more books published, what help do they need? It seems to me that they should be giving advice, help, and support to those of us who are doing our damnedest to get our first book out of the gate! Any suggestions on how to get that accomplished?


      • I’m still in the unpublished phase myself. I tried for a long time to get traditionally published but it just didn’t happen. So now I am intending to self publish, hopefully this year. I’m not sure what you have tried up until this point. If you want any more advice I am happy to help if I can, you can contact me via my email: marjma2014@gmail.com.

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      • sepultura13 says:

        I’ve been looking into self-publishing for the past three years, after also trying the “traditional” route…so not far off from what you’ve done.

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