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Pert bums, Make up, Fake Tan and Hair extensions

Here’s my take on Colleen’s #WQWWC writing challenge. The theme this week is:  Rebirth. Silver Threading WQW: Rebirth ‘Once you reach a certain age you’re either slowly dying or slowly being reborn. I want to choose the latter.’ Marianne Williamson. ‘Marianne Williamson is … Continue reading

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Inspiring Aspiring Young Authors

Originally posted on Spilling Ink:
Writing a book is huge undertaking for anyone, let alone for a young person who could be doing almost anything other than slaving over a manuscript. People of any age can start writing a book.…

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#MondayBlogs: Drive Thru Shine!! Good Luck: Exams!! #NanNowriMo

It’s Monday again, and I’m doing another #MondayBlogs post, brain child of @RachelintheOC. To inspire and motivate all of you sitting exams and tests, I’m focusing on one precious short and sweet word, Shine.I know that my youngest daughter Gina … Continue reading

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#MondayBlogs: Good Luck With Exams!!

For #MondayBlogs hastag on twitter, @RachelintheOC, I’m sharing something very close to my heart, some Good Luck Wishes. What kind of Good luck Wishes? The kind that means that your blogging break gets forgotten for a tiny moment. I’m currently on a blogging … Continue reading

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3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

I have been tagged by Janice who blogs at On the land to participate in the ‘3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge’. Many thanks to Janice for inviting me to participate in this challenge.  I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part. Janice blogs about our … Continue reading

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday and BeWow: Climb those Towers!

This week my Writer’s Quote Wednesday post has been inspired by my visit to Portsmouth, on Saturday evening. Here’s the link to Colleen’s Blog if you want to join in with her weekly quote share: I was attending my … Continue reading

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Nick and co at the Para-Tri Triathlon

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Where do I start? It has been the most amazing, incredible, glorious day. The road through Little Kimble had marked a turning point for my son and we drove through the sleepy…

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My Friday Post: Celebrating Dragon Delights

Golden Dragon Oh, Mighty Dragon  Your fiery dare,  Gleams in a challenge, No Childish mask, Highlights your eyes. Golden elixir promises, Hang in the air, Lining up, To slide off the curve of Your celebrated tongue. A challenge! Adventuress, take a ride. Will I … Continue reading

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A Writing Award To Give Yourself: Do What You Love

Sometimes we need to give ourselves a little pick me up, a reminder to Do What We Love, even if that particular thing that we love seems difficult to achieve. Just recently I have been querying agents, and been getting … Continue reading

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My Friday Post: The Kitchen God and His Forgiving Wife

   I’ve been doing some background research for my second children’s novel which is set at the time of Chinese New Year, so I’m dedicating this post to The Kitchen God, also known as the Stove God, Zao Jun, Zao Shen, or Zhang … Continue reading

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