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Sayonara Hitori by Taemin

Guest Post written  by Natasha Mallon   Lee Taemin is a Korean idol from one of KPOP’s biggest groups SHINee which debuted in 2008 with ‘Replay’. They have gone from cute-pop bops to synthesizer melodies which have dabbled in house/techno. Currently, … Continue reading

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BTS: Fire!!K-POP !!

This is for my eldest daughter – she’s a massive BTS fan! Who are BTS you might ask? Unless of course you’re already a fan – and believe me their popularity is not a matter of uncertainty. This band are super popular.  … Continue reading

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David Bowie’s Top 100 Books

Source: David Bowie’s Top 100 Books My friend Jade at Scatterbooker wrote this wonderful tribute to my hero David Bowie, which features his top 100 books, I just loved him and his music, he was such a creative and wonderful soul. So … Continue reading

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Let it go

Originally posted on MEANINGS AND MUSINGS:
When I heard this poignant song, these thoughts assaulted me.  The idea of difference, and uniqueness… At what point do we accept irreconcilable nature? At what point do we decide, enough is enough? At…

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Break A Leg Dave…Oh, You Did…

Originally posted on Talk About Pop Music:
Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters has had to pull out of Glastonbury after breaking his leg on stage. If I was to send him a mix-tape to feel better then what songs…

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Blog Party Next Saturday, Anyone?

Reblogged. In party mood? Love music? Fancy a bit of singing and bopping to music? Then look no further than Suzie81 speaks invitation to Steve’s blog party this Saturday 16th May. I just discovered Steve’s excellent music blog today, thanks for the tip … Continue reading

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