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BTS: Fire!!K-POP !!

This is for my eldest daughter – she’s a massive BTS fan! Who are BTS you might ask? Unless of course you’re already a fan – and believe me their popularity is not a matter of uncertainty. This band are super popular.  … Continue reading

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What Kind of Cat Are You? Quibblo Quiz

    I had a go at this fun quiz from Quibblo on my new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kyrosmagica/posts/926828083997927. What Breed of Cat Are You? It came up with Scottish Fold, a cute breed with folded ears, silver fur and yellow … Continue reading

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Funny Cat and Dog PlayFights on YouTube

  This morning I’ve been editing my manuscript and I came across an advice note to add more detail to a little comical fight scene between a cat and a dog in my story. I don’t own any pets so I … Continue reading

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Orkney Idyll – Scotland is cold but is so Beautiful!

Found this great video of Orkney via Moz @Mozford on twitter.  So beautiful, tranquil, must visit, an idyll. No wonder the Italians were inspired to build the Italian Chapel in Orkney. It may be cold in Scotland but it sure is … Continue reading

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Futurelearn Literature of the English Country Rose Youtube Q& A

  Enjoying the Futurelearn Literature of the English Country Rose course. Thought I would share this Youtube video with you. Take a look, listen and enjoy 🙂      

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